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Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files which are received on the terminal from the visited Website and are used for recording certain browsing interaction on a Website, storing data which may be updated and recovered. These files are stored on the user’s computer and they contain anonymous data which causes no harm to your equipment. They are used for recording the user’s preferences, such as the chosen language, access data or site customisation.

Cookies may also be used for recording anonymous information regarding how a visitor uses a site. For example, from which website have they accessed, or whether they have used an advertising “banner” to reach the website.


Why does HOTEL COLÓN use cookies?

Hotel Colón uses the cookies which are strictly necessary and essential to enable you to use our Website and allow you to freely browse, use the safe areas, customise options, etc. Also using cookies which gather data relating to the analysis of Website use. These are used for improving customer care, measuring the use and performance of the site, in order to optimise and customise it.


What type of cookies do we use?

Technical cookies: Those which enable the user to browse the website or application and the use of the different options or services contained therein. For example, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing the web parts of restricted access, remembering the elements which integrate an order, carrying out the request for registering or participating in an event, using security elements while browsing and storing content for broadcasting videos or sound.

Analytical cookies: These allow to monitor and analyse the behaviour of the website users and create navigation profiles and get to know the users’ preferences with a view to improving the product and services offer. For example, an analytical cookie would allow to control the geographic areas of interest to a user, which is the most accepted product, etc.


What if I don’t want these cookies or I don’t do anything about it?

In order to comply with current laws, we have to ask your permission to manage cookies. If you then decide to not authorise the handling by stating your non-conformity, we would only use technical cookies, given that they are essential for browsing our Website. In this case, we wouldn’t store any cookies. By continuing browsing our Website without denying your authorisation, you are accepting their use.

Take into account that if you reject or delete the Website navigation cookies, we will be unable to maintain your preferences, some characteristics of the sites will not be operative, we will be unable to offer you customised services and every time you start browsing, we will have to once again request your authorisation for the use of cookies.

If despite this, you decide to modify the configuration of your access to the Website, you must know that you can eliminate cookies or prevent this information from being registered on your computer by modifying the configuration parameters of your browser.

You may also withdraw your consent at any moment in relation to the present Cookies Policy, eliminating the cookies stored on your computer by means of the adjustments and configurations of your internet browser.